FOSS4G e-Newsletter No. 4
Even you missed Early Bird Registration, don’t worry about your presentation. We would not delete your fabulous work. Registration deadline for the authors of accepted abstract/poster/presentation is available until July 13, 2015.Registration before July 13, 2015 is highly recommended to be allocated in the session. Regular Registration is USD 550 for 3 days of main conference, and USD 100 for half-day of top notch workshops from the world’s best international presenters.
Map submission is available from July 1, 2015 on MyPage . If you would like to share your map with others on FOSS4G Conference, do not miss this great chance!
Important Dates
Preliminary Program Decision June 29, 2015
Call for Maps! July 1, 2015
Full Paper Submission Deadline of Selected Abstracts August 15, 2015
Map Submission Deadline August 31, 2015
Workshops September 14-15, 2015
Main Conference September 16-18, 2015
Code Sprint September 19, 2015
Preliminary Program Release
Preliminary Program has been released on June 29, 2015!
Please check your presentation schedule on the FOSS4G Seoul 2015 Conference.
The last time for changing schedule is July 10, 2015.
Please be note that some topics have fixed date for presentation.
1) Gyeongnidan-gil
Gyeongnidan-gil is a few minute walk from Noksapyeong Station(subway line #6) Exit 2 in the direction of Namsan Tunnel 3. Small restaurants, cafes and pubs can be found lined up on each alley on the walk along Gyeongnidan-gil. The unique side-street stores here have emerged as the hot places preferred by the young people for their simple yet exotic characteristics.
The most popular alleys of Gyeongnidan-gil are “Jang Jinwoo Street” and the “Craft Beer Alley”.
2) Antique Furniture Street
The “Antique Furniture Street” displaying antique European furniture can be found on the street close to Itaewon Station(subway line #6) Exit 4. There are currently around 90 furniture stores on the Antique Furniture Street. Most of these stores sell antique furniture and interior pieces brought in personally from Europe. They have captured the hearts of furniture lovers and collectors because they carry products hard to find at other shops and pieces which have a long history of their own.
3) Usadan-gil
An unfamiliar sight can be spotted when you climb up the hills located behind the Itaewon Fire Station. Shops such as Halal restaurants with store signs written in both Korean and English giving off the pungent smell of spices, butcher shops selling muttons which are hard to find in Korea, and general stores displaying chador and hijab are lined up along the street.
4) World Food Street
The “World Food Street” located on the back of Hamilton Hotel features cuisines from more than 30 countries around the world such as those in Asia, America and Europe. This street is currently the most popular area in Itaewon because there are many shops which allow you to enjoy cuisines of foreign countries hard to experience without going on an overseas trip.
Sinsa-dong Ganjang Gejang Alley
“Ganjang gejang” translates to “crabs marinated in soy sauce”. Ganjang gejang is a variety of jeotgal, salted fermented seafood in Korean cuisine. To make ganjang gejang, fresh blue crabs are marinated in a ganjang (soy sauce)-based marinade. Historical records on gejang can be found in books written during the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910). Records state that the consumption of gejang in Korea appeared at least as early as the 1600s.
Ganjang gejang was originally referred to as “gejang”, but is now called “ganjang gejang” these days to differentiate it from yangnyeom gejang. The latter is relatively a new dish that emerged, and involves the use of gochugaru (red chili pepper flakes) instead of ganjang. “Yangnyeom” literally means “seasoning” or “seasoned” in Korean but refers to the spicy sauce made with gochugaru.
* In front of Exit 4 of Sinsa Station, Subway Line #3
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