Social Events

We believe various social events are essential and integral parts of FOSS4G to increase human networks and to share experiences with others. We have a plan to host several social events and to support self-organizing event like followings.

Ice Breaking(Sep. 15th, 2015)

Before starting FOSS4G conference, we have prepared Ice breaking to welcome and warm the conversation among participants.
We will provide a list and map of recommendable place as below.
You can check Pub, Restaurants and Karaoke near the conference venue(The K-Hotel) and it will take around 10min. by walk .


img_ice_1 Pub(Beer Draft) img_ice_2 Restaurant img_ice_3 Karaoke
A: Tong5 A: Hwadol Nong-jang
(Korean BBQ)
A: 24hours Karaoke
B: Mutter’s Pub B: O-Jak kyo
(Korean set menu)
B: Wa Karaoke
C: Oddang Beer C: Seoul Lamb restaurant
(Lamb, Korean Set menu)
C: Q Karaoke
D: Nakji Maeul HaemulGui
(Roasted Octopus, Korean food)
[Detailed Information]

img_ice_1Pub(Beer Draft)

img_ice_4 img_ice_5 img_ice_6
[Tong5] [Mutter’s Pub] [Oddang Beer]
-International Beer Draft
-Large Venue & Capacity
-International Beer Draft
-Open in 2014’ & 1F Located
- Local Beer Pub
– International imported beer
– Small place
*Oddang: Meaning Squid & nuts

img_ice_2 Restaurant

img_ice_7 [Hwadol Nong-jang]
-Korean BBQ Restaurant
-Stir-fried Spicy Pork Restaurant
-1pax set menu: KRW 10,000
img_ice_8 [O-Jak kyo]
-Korean Set Menu Restaurant
-Soy sauce marinated crab (Free-refill)
img_ice_9 [Seoul Lamb restaurant]
-Korean Lamb Restaurant
-Korean Dduk-galbi(grilled short rib patties)
-Korean Set Menu(Special Lunch)
img_ice_10 [Nakji Maeul HaemulGui]
-Korean boiled octopus soup
-Roasted and baked octopus
-Korean Set Menu(Special Lunch)


Gala Night(Sep. 16th, 2015)

On Wednesday, after conference, wonderful night will be waiting for all participants. We’re planning unforgettable Gala Night for FOSS4G Seoul 2015 participants and will provide exquisite food and drinks including Korean traditional food and drinks. The Gala Night is included in the registration fee, so all participants can enjoy the night with all other participants. The Gala Night will let all participants feel the specialties of Seoul and South Korea, making the event memorable to all participants. This Gala Night party will be co-hosted by FOSS4G Seoul and SmartGeoExpo. So, this will be your great chance to get along with other delegates from SmartGeoExpo event.

Social Drinks(Sep. 17th, 2015)

Throughout Social Drinks on Thursday night after conference, participants can interact with other participants and share their thoughts or ideas with other participants for better FOSS4G event and more positive uses of open-source geospatial software. We will provide a couple of drinks(soda, water, beer, coffee, etc.,) with finger food at free at the lobby after completing full Thursday program. You can visit and look around exhibitors booth as well.


Pub Night(Sep. 19th, 2015)

After Code Sprint, we have planned Pub Night for all participants. We have offered recommendable and fabulous pubs list near the Gangnam Station as below and have an enjoyable party as a meaning of finishing the FOSS4G Seoul 2015 event. This will be paid by each participants after end of the event at each pubs.


img_ice_2 Pub(Beer Draft)
A Oktoberfest
B British Pub Bulldogs
C The alibi
D Dublin
E Mürren

[Detailed Information]

img_ice_11 [Oktoberfest]-German beer and dish-Draft beer: KRW 4,000~
-Dish: average of KRW 20,000
-Basement located
-Business hours 4p.m.~1a.m.
img_ice_12 [Bulldogs]-British Pub-Draft beer: KRW 5,000~
-Dish: average of KRW 12,000
-limitless beer on Thur. Fri. and Sat.
(KRW 25,000/person & 120minutes)
-Business hours:
img_ice_13 [The alibi]-Enjoy 160 draft bottle beers
-Draft beer: KRW 4000~
-Dish: average of KRW 15,000
-Two-story building
-Business hours 4p.m.~1a.m.
img_ice_14 [Dublin]-Irish pub-Draft beer: KRW 8,500~
-Dish: average of KRW 20,000-1F located-Business hours 4p.m.~3a.m.
img_ice_15 [Mürren]
-European Pub& Wine Bar
-Draft beer: KRW 6,000~
-Dish: average of KRW 18,000
-2F located
-Business hours


Korean BBQ Party (Sep. 18th, 2015)

Have you ever tried Korean BBQ in your life? It’s so delicious and yummy!! You’ll never forget about this excellent food after once having enjoyed this. During FOSS4G event, we will offer Korean BBQ Party’s place lists as below. Anyone who want to experience Korean BBQ, so called Samgyupsal(Pork) or Bulgogy(Beef), with Korean traditional drink(Soju) can join Korean BBQ Party if they pay a certain amount of money personally.

This will be a great chance to experience Korean style restaurant and food.


img_ice_3 Korean BBQ Restaurants(Samgyupsal(Pork) or Bulgogy(Beef)
A YetNalNongJang (옛날농장)
B Hwadol NongJang Jeju Heukdadon (화돌농장 제주흑다돈)
C Don Samyukji (돈삼육지)
D Jirisan Heukdon-ga (지리산 흑돈가)
E Mukeun Kimchi Dolpan Saeng Samgyup (묵은김치돌판생삼겹)

 [Detailed Information]

img_bbg_1 [YetNalNongJang]
-> Meaning Old Farm

-24 hours open
-Main Dish:
Wine Samgyupsal KRW 12,000
Pork Galbi KRW 12,000
-More 30guests capacity

img_ice_16 [Hwadol NongJang Jeju Heukdadon]
-> Black pork at Hwadol Farm in Jeju island

Business hours: Until 22:00
-Main Dish:
Big-Ohgyupsal(pork) KRW 15,000
Various part of pork set KRW 39,000
-Lunch is available : Korean food (Stew, Cold noodle)
-More 30guests capacity

img_ice_17 [Don Samyukji]
-> Pigs’ yummy war

-Business hours: Until 23:00
-Main Dish:
Saeng Samgyupsal(pork) KRW 12,000
Gochujang Samgyupsal  KRW 12,000
(red pepper paste)
-Sub Menu: Fried rice, Cold noodle
-More 30guests capacity

img_ice_18 [Jirisan Heukdon-ga]

-> Korean Jiri-mountain black pork village
-Business hours: Until 22:00
-Main Dish:
Samgyupsal KRW 13,000
Moksal KRW 13,000
-Sub Menu: Bean paste stew, Cold noodle
-More 30guests capacity

img_ice_19 [Mukeun Kimchi Dolpan Saeng Samgyup]

-> Ripen kimchi Samgyupsal
-Ripen Kimchi Samgyupsal
-Business hours: Until 22:00
-Main Dish:
Ripen kimchi Samgyupsal KRW 12,000
-Lunch is available : Korean food
(stew, fried fish)
-More 30guests capacity

[Korean BBQ_Samgyupsal(Pork) Photos]  

Muslim Friendly Restaurants in Korea

Korean fare is famous for its spicy dishes, but there’s more to explore. The book below identifies restaurants that Muslim attendants might enjoy because the food is consistent with Halal standards. For more information please click the book image below or the Link.

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