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We hope you will also be able to savor some of the fine attractions that our country offers. Korea’s five-millennia-long history has contributed greatly to its illustrious cultural heritage and exotic charm. Often referred to as the “Land of the Morning Calm”, Korea has its own unique cultural heritage, distinct from that of other Asian countries. A visit to the country’s numerous historical relics will make FOSS4G 2015 participants’ journey all the more special.
If you would like to make a reservation for tour or have any inquiries, please mail at
*People who haven’t registered as accompanying persons can join the tour.

Tour Program List

Please refer to the ‘Tour program Description’ page to check out more details of the tour program. Tour reservation is available on the days marked with ‘○’.

No. Tour Program Min.
Pre 14 (Mon) 15 (Tue) 16 (Wed) 17 (Thu) 18 (Fri) Post
DMZ 1 DMZ and War Museum Tour
10 89,000
DMZ 2 DMZ afternoon Tour
10 79,000
HT 1 Morning Palace Tour
10 60,000      
HT 2 World Cultural hertage Tour
10 60,000
HT 3 Tower, Hanok village Tour
10 77,000      
FT 1 Traditional attractions Tour
(HT1+HT2) (09:00~18:00)
10 98,000          
FT 2 Back to Ancient Korea
10 115,000        
ET 1 Taekwondo Tour
15 80,000            
ET 2 Temple Life of Korea
15 105,000          
NT1 Dinner Buffet Cruise Tour
15 110,000
NT 2 Into Korean’s real life
10 55,000
NT 3 Nanta Performance
10 80,000          
PT1 Legendary Shilla Dynasty,
Gyeongju & 2nd largest city Busan (2N3D)
10 620,000
PT2 Relisheds the Romantic of Jeju Island (2N 3D) 10 830,000

Tour Program Details (Click for the Details!)

DMZ1. DMZ and War Museum Tour (Full day Tour)

DMZ2. DMZ Tour (Afternoon Tour)

HT1. Morning Palace Tour

HT2. World Cultural Heritage Tour

HT3. Tower, Hanok Village Tour

FT1. Traditional Attractions Tour (HT1 + HT2)

FT2. Back to Ancient Korea

ET1. Taekwondo Tour

ET2. Temple Life of Korea

NT1. Dinner Buffet Cruise Tour

NT2. Into Korean’s Real Life

NT3. Korean traditional performance – Nanta Theater

PT1. Legendary Shilla Dynasty, Gyeongju & 2nd largest city of Korea, Busan (2N 3D)

PT2. Relishes the Romantic of Jeju Island (2N 3D)

Contact Information

Seoul City Tour is in charge of the tour at FOSS4G Seoul 2015.
For queries regarding tour reservation, please contact the SEOUL CITY TOUR.

Ms. Amy PARK
▪ FOSS4G Seoul 2015 – Tour (Seoul City Tour)
▪ Phone: +82-2-774-3345
▪ Fax: +82-2-774-8223
▪ E-mail:


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