Information for Presenters

If you be the presenter at FOSS4G Seoul 2015, here are what you need to know;


[Video Recording]

We will be recording all sessions during the main conference. We hope to have all sessions available online shortly after the conference. If you do not wish your session to be recorded you must let us know in advance.



All sessions will be run in lecture style rooms all of which have Wi-Fi and a projector with a standard VGA connection. Please note that the power outlet has two round holes with 220 volts so you may need a suitable power adapter. Presentations in PDF, PPT, ODF or HTML should be fine for display on the provided Windows laptop (but PDF is usually safest). If you are not using special program for your presentation, please try to use the prepared laptop in the session room.


[Presentation File Submission]

All presenters are requested to upload the presentation file on your submitted description or abstract by September 11.
* MyPage -> Presentation/Academic Track -> “EDIT” -> Upload Presentation
If it is not possible to submit it until the deadline, please take your presentation file on USB or use your own laptop.
Also, presenters are requested to confirm your arrival, deliver the latest version of your presentation stored in a USB, CD-Rom, and/or DVD to each session room during the break time (coffee break, lunch) on your presentation day, before the session.


[Before Session(at Conference)]

Presenters are requested to be in their session room at least 10 minutes before the commencement time of allocated session (not your presentation). And introduce yourself to other presenters. This will also be your opportunity to retest your laptop or handover your memory stick.


Contact Information

Ms. Annie Shim
FOSS4G Seoul 2015 Secretariat

Tel.: +82 2 6288 6324
Fax: +82 2 6288 6399    Email: