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Workshops are half(4 hours) or full-day(8 hours) hands-on experiences with participants following along with an instructor. Workshops will be run by experienced members of the open source community, and sometimes by the actual developers. As such, they are a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills or take your first steps into the world of Open Source GIS. For workshops, we are offering two formats like below for instructors to use at their discretion.

  1. We will provide workshop rooms with computers for participants to use. Instructors will need to discuss pre-installation requirements with the Conference Organizing Committee if required. The number of these rooms is limited.
  2. Alternatively, instructors may choose a “Bring Your Own Device” format. This allows for more participants, but past experience has shown that this may require significant set-up time. You may increase efficiency by setting up server side tutorials for the workshop.

Instructors are strongly encouraged to use bootable media such as the OSGeo Live USB stick to reduce set-up time and to increase efficiency. Please note that OSGeo Live USB sticks will be provided to all participants. Workshops require considerable effort to produce a high-quality workshop. You are strongly encouraged to develop material for attendees to take home with them, such as handouts, a workbook, CD-ROMs, etc.


Sep. 14th, 2015(Monday) and Sep. 15th, 2015(Tuesday)

Start End Duration 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Room
09:30 13:30 4:00
13:30 14:30 1:00 Lunch
14:30 18:30 4:00

workshopFOSS4G Seoul 2015 Floor Plan


Topics of Interest

All submissions will be considered, but particular interest will be shown in the following topics:

- End-user focused introductions to FOSS4G software
– Software frameworks for developers
– Interoperability / Spatial Data Infrastructure
– Integration between open and closed source solutions
– Free and open geospatial data
– Performance tuning

Sessions (Click for the session details!)

The abstract submission due date has passed, and we no longer accept abstract.
The acceptance decision was made as below.

Session Code Session Schedule Session Title Workshop Length skill
WS01 14-Sep Full Day GeoServer Performance Tuning 8 hours (4hours x 2) Intermediate Jody Garnett(Boundless)Tom Ingold(Boundless)
WS02 14-Sep Morning Exploring the Sensor Observation Service Standard Enhanced by IstSOS Special Features 4 hours Intermediate Massimiliano Cannata(Institute of Earth
Science – SUPSI)Milan Antonovic(Institute of Earth Science – SUPSI)
WS03 14-Sep Morning GeoTools DataStore Workshop 4 hours Intermediate Ian Turton (Envitia)Jody Garnett (Boundless)
WS04 14-Sep Morning QGIS Plugin Development with Python 4 hours Intermediate Pirmin Kalberer(Sourcepole)
Marco Hugentobler(Sourcepole)
WS05 14-Sep Morning Mobmap: An introduction to analysis people flow data 4 hours Beginner Sengoku Hiroaki(Microbase)
WS06 14-Sep Morning Introduction to PostGIS 4 hours Beginner Paul Ramsey(CartoDB)
WS07 14-Sep Morning ZOO-Project Introduction Workshop 4 hours Intermediate Gerald FENOY(GeoLabs SARL)
Nicolas Bozon(GeoLabs SARL)
Venkatesh Raghavan(Osaka City University)
WS08 14-Sep Afternoon Build Your Own Data Portal Using GeoNetwork 3 4 hours Advanced Florent Gravin (Camptocamp)
Francois Xavier Prunayre (Titellus)
Jeroen Ticheler (Geocat BV)
WS09 14-Sep Afternoon Open IoT Made Easy: a Tutorial on the OGC SensorThings API with SensorUp 4 hours Intermediate Steve Liang (University of Calgary)
WS10 14-Sep Afternoon Building Standards Compliant Geospatial Web Applications – the Quick and Easy MapMint Way 4 hours Intermediate Gerald FENOY (GeoLabs SARL)
Nicolas BOZON (GeoLabs SARL)
Venkatesh RAGHAVAN (Osaka City University)
WS11 14-Sep Afternoon Kite Mapping For Fun and Profit(Cancel) 4 hours Beginner Linda Sandvik (Knight-Mozilla OpenNews fellow at the Guardian, UK)
WS12 14-Sep Afternoon FOSS4G Routing with PgRouting, OpenStreetMap Road Data and OpenLayers 3 4 hours Intermediate Daniel Kastl (Georepublic)* Ko Nagase (Georepublic)
* Vicky Vergara (Georepublic)
WS13 14-Sep Afternoon OGC Webservices with QGIS 4 hours Intermediate Marco Hugentobler (Sourcepole AG)
WS14 15-Sep Full Day _drOne Day Workshop: Build a Drone and OpenDroneMap 8 hours (4hours x 2) Intermediate Stephen Mather (Cleveland Metroparks)
WS15 15-Sep Morning Managing MetOc and Remote Sensing Data with GeoServer(Cancel) 4 hours Advanced Simone Giannecchini (GeoSolutions)
Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions)
WS16 15-Sep Morning Python in GRASS GIS 7 4 hours Beginner Luca Delucchi (Fondazione Edmund Mach)
WS17 15-Sep Morning Geopaparazzi: Never Out of Data in the Field 4 hours Beginner Hirofumi Hayashi (Applied technology)
Daisuke Yoshida (Osaka City University)
WS18 15-Sep Morning OpenLayers 3 4 hours Intermediate Eric Lemoine (Camptocamp)
Tim Schaub (Planet Labs)
WS19 15-Sep Morning Beyond GeoServer Basics 4 hours Intermediate Jody Garnett(Boundless)Tom Ingold(Boundless)*Benjamin Trigona-Harany (Boundless)
WS20 15-Sep Afternoon Web Mapping with OGC Services and GeoServer: an Introduction 4 hours Beginner Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions)
WS21 15-Sep Afternoon OpenSource 3D GIS 4 hours Intermediate Olivier Courtin (Oslandia)
Vincent Picavet (Oslandia)
WS22 15-Sep Afternoon Building Dynamic Maps with CartoDB 4 hours Beginner Aurelia Moser (CartoDB)
Andy Eschbacher (CartoDB)
WS23 15-Sep Afternoon GeoPython Workshop 4 hours Intermediate Jachym Cepicky (OSGeo)

Important Dates

Call for Workshops will be announced on 23rd, February.
Call for Workshops will be closed on 23rd, March
Workshop Selection Results will be announced on 31st, March.
Detailed Workshop Program will be announced on 9th, April.
Workshop will start on 14th and15th, September.



Please be sure to join the conference mailing list(, as it will be through this mailing list that discussions such as deadlines, Q/As, and schedules will occur. Also please subscribe the conference workshop committee mailing list.( And to contact the FOSS4G Conference Organising Committee, please mail to


Contact Information

Ms. Annie Shim
FOSS4G Seoul 2015 Secretariat

Tel.: +82 2 6288 6324
Fax: +82 2 6288 6399 Email:


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