Thomas Bonfort was honored with the inaugural FOSS4G Developer Award, sponsored by GeoCat (, during the FOSS4G 2015 conference in Seoul, South Korea.  Attendees of the FOSS4G-Seoul event placed votes for the best developer, by filling out ballots at the GeoCat booth.

Thomas has been a longtime member of the MapServer Project Steering Committee (PSC), and has been the driving force of many thorough changes, especially to both MapServer 6 and MapServer 7 releases. MapServer’s high quality and fast rendering engines have all been upgraded thanks to Thomas.  Thomas is also the maintainer of MapCache, MapServer’s caching engine that is handled through an Apache module. Many will remember Thomas working so hard on past WMS Benchmarking exercises with other lead developers of GeoServer and Mapnik, improving not only MapServer but helping the other projects as well.

GeoCat and the whole OSGeo community would like to thank Thomas Bonfort for his contributions to the community.  Thanks Thomas!

GeoCat & OSGeo