Dear all,

FOSS4G Seoul team wish all of you and your family have a healthy and peaceful new year. And we hope we could meet all of you in Seoul this September.

At the beginning of 2015, I would like to recapitulate our last year’s activities briefly.

1. FOSS4G 2015 Seoul will be held at The-K Hotel, Seoul from 14th~19th, September.

2. We opened FOSS4G 2015 webpage, and Facebook, FOSS4G2015. Also took over Twitter account, @foss4g. Please like us and follow us.

3. We printed some promotional stickers and distributed them. We still have bunch of stickers. Please don’t hesitate to ask stickers to us for distribution at your events.

4. So far 2 key persons, president of NGII(Korea National Geographic Information Institute) and Chief of UN(United Nations) Cartographic Section, confirmed their keynote speaking at FOSS4G Seoul. We’re currently contacting other renowned person from various fields of open source geospatial area.

5. We’ve got sponsorships from GeoCat(, titellus(, and Camptocamp( We’re expecting more sponsorship from all around the world. Also we’re currently under deep discussion with government agency in Korea about the major sponsorship and expecting some good news.

FOSS4G Seoul will be very unique in terms of its location, culture, language, food and people. I hope all of you attend this unique event and feel difference. Sometimes you need to escape from your ordinary and routine life.

For the success of FOSS4G 2015 Seoul, we definitely need your help & support. I would like to ask something to you.

1. Please spread the word about FOSS4G Seoul and create buzz around you.

2. If you have any good idea for the success of FOSS4G Seoul, please let us know.

3. Please mark the date and earmark the money for FOSS4G 2015 Seoul.

Thank you for your time and reading.

Hope to see all of you in Seoul this September and happy new year once again.

새해 복 많이 받으십시오.



Sanghee Shin, Chair of FOSS4G 2015 Seoul
“Toward Diversity! FOSS4G Bigbang from Seoul!”

Twitter: @foss4g
Facebook: FOSS4G2015