Dear All,

Seoul team would like to give you practical Seoul Travel Tips like below. Hope these are helpful to you.

1. Best way to go to Seoul from ICN airport is airport bus. Bust No. 6009, 6020 and 6500 takes you to Gangnam Station. Final destination of No.6500 is The-K Hotel. Bus platform is 5A or 11B, at any platform you can take the bus. Don’t take taxi. It’s too far and expensive to take taxi. Train is ok but need transfers to Gangnam area.

2. In Seoul take Metro! Metro covers almost Seoul area. Cheap, fast and clean. Don’t underestimate traffic jam in Seoul.

3. If you take taxi in Seoul, do not take deluxe(usually black) taxi otherwise you’re rich. It’s big and that’s all!

4. If you need any help in Korea, just call 1330. It runs 24hours, 7days in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese.

5. Tipping is not regular practice in Korea. You don’t need to give tip otherwise you’re super happy with service.

6. If you have only 1day to look around Seoul, go to central Seoul. Seoul plaza, palaces, Insadong, open spaces and heritages.

7. Like hiking? Go to Bukhansan National Park in Seoul. Rocks and gorgeous sceneries!

8. Exchanging business card is regular when Korean people introduce him/herself to others. Bring your cards as many as possible.

9. Smoking at the main street is usually not allowed in Seoul except designated smoking area. Back street is ok.

10. Complementary purified or tap water will be given at any local restaurants with cups. You don’t need to buy water.

11. If you’re bold enough to confront with North Korea, have a tour to DMZ(Demilitarized Zone). Lots of tours to DMZ!

12. MICE card will be given to you with KRW5,000 topped-up. It’s eMoney card that can be spent at public transportation and convenient store. Can top-up more at any metro station.

13. Foreigners are not expected to speak Korean. In Seoul many people(the younger, the better) can speak English.

14. Honour and respect are pretty important in Korea especially to the old.

15. Every metro station has free toilet.

Warm regards,
FOSS4G Seoul team.