FOSS4G e-Newsletter No. 7
FOSS4G Seoul 2015 D-33
Are you interested at FOSS4G Seoul 2015?
Now is the time to register on FOSS4G 2015 which will be held in Seoul, Korea;
The FIRST time in Asia!
If you want to know more about FOSS4G Seoul 2015, please visit our official website.
All accepted abstracts are required to submit the Full Paper by August 15, 2015.
The submission page is available on MyPage at official website.
Full Paper Submission Deadline of Selected Abstracts August 15, 2015
Map Submission Deadline August 31, 2015
Workshops September 14-15, 2015
Main Conference September 16-18, 2015
Code Sprint September 19, 2015
FOSS4G Seoul conference will be held in conjunction with Smart Geospatial Expo, the largest geospatial event in Korea taking place from September 15 to 17 at the same venue, The K Hotel. All participants who registered FOSS4G Seoul 2015 could enter SmartGeoExpo programmes freely. One Stone Two Birds!!
Highlights of SmartGeoExpo are as below.
1) Exhibition with latest spatial information technology trend
2) International Geospatial Working Level Forum
3) International conference with a number of world-renowned scholars from the spatial information field(International Conference on Geospatial Information Sciences)
4) On-site Recruiting and Job opportunity
5) Spatial information idea contest to utilize spatial information and its range
6) A wide variety of business support events to find new export outlets
If you want to know more about Smart Geospatial Expo, please visit the website for detail.
Smart Geospatial Expo:
There is an old saying that “Birds of a feather flock together”. The Birds of a feather sessions are a regular feature at FOSS4G conferences, and are an opportunity for like-minded people to informally gather and discuss their interests.
We’ll provide 5 rooms for these self-organizing gatherings. The rooms will be available during lunch(12:20~13:20) and directly after the end of the talks, for 1 hour, on Day1(September 16, Wednesday) and Day2(September 17, Thursday).
Use the OSGeo mailing lists( for discussions, and check out the Birds-Of-A-Feather wiki page( for current plans or to make your own first.
The Code Sprint is about getting a group together to work on Open Source software, sitting around a table and sharing ideas. It’s not just about writing code, as you know a project has many needs including documentation, testing, and providing feedback. All participants are welcome even you haven’t registered or attend FOSS4G Seoul 2015. Registering on the OSGeo wiki is appreciated for planning purposes like coffee and food.
When: Saturday, September 19, 2015. 09:00~18:00
Where: CNN the Biz Gangnam Education & Training Center #301
OSGeo Wiki page:
Samsung D’light
Located within the Samsung Electronics Building in Seocho-dong, Samsung d’light is an exhibition space that showcases all the latest consumer electronic products by Samsung Electronics. According to Samsung, the name d’light combines the words “digital” and “light”, to correlate with their vision of being a “guiding light to the digital world” and leading consumers to a whole new lifestyle through digital technology. It is also meant to convey delight and excitement.
▶ Mobile Plaza (1F)
Visitors can create digital content with electronic consumer products boasting the latest technology. Visitors can also try out all of the electronic products on display including the latest laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones, and cameras. If trying out the products on display isn’t enough, the latest camcorders and digital cameras are available for rent at the booth in front of the escalator for visitors to use freely within the d’light exhibition space.
▶ Global Gallery (2F)
The Global Gallery is an overview of Samsung Electronics’ history and visions for the future.
▶ D’light Shop (B1F)
The d’light shop opened its doors in April 2011 and is the most popular floor of the Samsung d’light exhibition space. Unlike the Mobile Plaza and the Global Gallery, visitors can not only try out the latest products and accessories by Samsung Electronics, they can purchase them directly at the store.
* Gangnam Station Exit #8, Subway Line #2, Shinbundang Line
Namdaemun Market’s Galchi Jorim Alley & Kalguksu Alley
Namdaemun market has over 600 years of history and is Korea’s largest traditional market. With the exception of construction materials, the market sells nearly every item under the sun including clothing, food, and daily living essentials, and all for wholesale prices! It is also a great place to go for traditional Korean cuisine. Many of the restaurants here have been around for many decades, withstanding throughout the market’s long history.
▶ Galchi Jorim Alley
With over 50 years of history, Huirak Sikdang has the honor of being the oldest and perhaps the original galchi jorim restaurant in this alley, before it was Galchi Jorim Alley. Althought Huirak Sikdang is considered to be the original galchi jorim restaurant; the other restaurants in the alley have been around for nearly just as long and are considered to be just as good. Even the fish used in all of these restaurants hall from the same places(Jeju and Busan). There are only two differences between the restaurants that can be noted; the degree of spiciness of the main dish and the type of side dishes that come with the it.
▶ Kalguksu Alley
The beginning of Kalguksu Alley is marked by an unassuming plastic see-through door, but as soon as you creak it open, expect your jaw to drop at the amazing sight sprawled out in front of you. For over 30 years, Kalguksu Alley has been known as the place to go for the best kalguksu in town. The restaurants in this narrow little alley are so clustered together; they almost seem like one big restaurant. But don’t let the modest surroundings fool you; it’s majorly competitive to grab a seat at any of these restaurants especially during peak hours, making getting a table (or plastic seat in this case) as difficult as getting a table at the fanciest restaurant in Seoul. Don’t let that stop you from coming through, because unlike the fanciest restaurant in Seoul, these restaurants serve up fine quality food for dirt cheap prices.
* Hoehyeon Station Exit #5, Subway Line #4
Any foreign visitors wishing to enter the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport and, if necessary, obtain a Korean visa prior to entering Korea. However, many are permitted visa-free entry for a limited time under certain conditions. Nationals of those countries or regions with which Korea has signed a visa waiver agreement can enter without a visa, on the condition that they do not engage in remunerative activities during their stay. For more information on Visa exemption and how to apply Korea Visa, please visit following sites. Please contact the Korean Embassy or Consulate in your departure country for further details.
Korea Immigration Service:
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to your support to the conference.
Seoul Metropolitan Government sponsors FOSS4G Seoul conference!
And TERRANODO has newly joined as Supporter sponsor.
Thanks for Seoul Metropolitan Government and TERRANODO for your sponsoring.

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